A Practical Guide to Writing Comics

A Practical Guide to Writing Comics

I love comics. I love writing comics. And when, in 2019, I taught a course on writing comics and graphic novels, I discovered that I loved teaching people how to write them.

That’s why I created A Practical Guide to Writing Comics, which is now available on Skillshare.

A short, focused course, its aim is to introduce writers of all levels to the small but immensely powerful toolkit they can use to tell their stories - of any genre, not just superheroes - in the comics medium.

The course will introduce you to (among other things):
The power of the page count,
Setting the pace by panel choice,
Persistence of Imagination - how comics harness a quirk of the human mind.

Comic book characters have conquered pop culture. Take a trip to the multiplex or turn on your TV and you’ll see: comics characters are everywhere.

But comics is a superlative storytelling medium in its own right, using unique combinations of words and pictures to tell compelling stories in any genre.

A Practical Guide to Writing Comics will introduce you to the tools to mould your story into an artist-ready or editor-ready script.

A Practical Guide to Writing Comics is now available on Skillshare at: https://skl.sh/3tMcot9