Agents of E.G.G - a series of animated avian adventures. Optioned by Wild Child Animation.

Broken Angels (w/t) - the first novel in a series of urban fantasy thriller. An experiment in indie publishing. First Draft.

Hench - animated feature. Outlining.

Peepers - short film. Genre: horror. Draft complete.

Weirdness Incorporated - a supernatural drama podcast. Genre: ghost stories; urban myths; horror. Pitch document and pilot script complete.


I seem to have Hans Zimmer’s Dune soundtrack on a loop.


Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. The life of an itinerant chef that he describes bears certain similarities to that of a freelance writer. There’s an added poignancy reading it - in an edition published in 2012 - in the knowledge that he was to take his own life in 2018.

American Flagg by Howard Chaykin. A long-overdue re-reading of Chaykin’s dense, magisterial and eerily prescient vision of a corporatised, media-soaked and hyper-sexualized future.